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Ji-woong slings a casual arm around Sungwoo's shoulders as they walk into the mall. He's done his best to dress down today; no flashy hair style, no ridiculous bling. Sungwoo always just looks like Sungwoo: gorgeous and perfect. He doesn't need to alter his appearance so that it doesn't scream, I'm a motherfucking gangsta, bitch! Ji-woong thinks he looks fairly mild-mannered in his slacks (jesus, slacks, when did Sungwoo buy him slacks? Looks like he'd needed them though, so top points to Sungwoo as always for anticipating every possible necessity), button-down shirt and the stylish, long black coat he's partial to. They just look like two men - who are very close - out shopping together.

And if people don't like that they're two men who hold hands and buy couple gifts they can go fuck themselves. Nothing and nobody is going to stop Ji-woong showering his baby with affection during the most giving time of the year. Sungwoo loves Christmas; he gets even more spoilt than usual. Not to mention they've always had great memories together around Christmas-time.

"You have ideas for what to get everyone, right?" Ji-woong asks suddenly, looking down at Sungwoo tucked neatly under his arm. Sungwoo is a planner so he should... But Ji-woong is really not a planner, and if it was left to him everyone would just be getting beer probably. Fancy beer! You know, like a gift set of novelty flavours from around the world or some shit. But yeah, beer. It'd be beer.

No it's fine, Sungwoo will have a plan. "Where do we need to go?"
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Ji-woong sticks his head into every room and open area of the base, calling out, "Yo! Group meeting now," everytime he sees one or more of his gang members. They all know to gather around the pool table, because that's where every meeting that doesn't also involve food happens, and Ji-woong makes sure that there's at least one person between himself and Sungwoo, because. Well, because that's what this meeting is about.

Don't say he doesn't take the concerns of his family seriously!

"Right," he says on a heavy breath. "I wanted to have a meeting because I hear that if I didn't there was going to be some kind of intervention." He smiles, but it's quite a small, tight one. "Someone, a bunch of you, everyone - whatever - think Sungwoo and I are having sex in the base too much, and it's making you all uncomfortable. Is that right?"
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1. i think i should either cut my hair or buy a dildo
3. ur here to start shit and i'm here to light that shit on fire
4. ive got balls in my face can i call you back l8r
5. step 1 buy a house. step 2 turn bedroom into sex dungeon
6. if it makes u feel any better my dick feels pretty tender dude
7. i dunno if we should get high tonight man. its daylight savings. time travel is just too much for me right now.
8. still bad at ganbling. still good at dringing.
9. sungwoo do u want me to get ur name tattooed on my junk?



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